To Richard Fitzgerald , a good friend for many years whose expertise, time, knowledge of Photoshop and printing techniques has helped me produce some of the special photos you see on my web site and the favour has been reciprocated on many occasions. We have been open and honest about our images and have given positive criticisms when requested.

To Geoff Brooke and Anthea Rice who started me off on the Yellow Brick Road to stardom; well, to some recognition anyway – I’m still waiting to be mobbed in the street though; maybe stardom takes a tad longer! They had confidence in my photography to attend one of their yearly exhibitions at their studio in Beckenham which gave me the initial impetus to start creating fine-art images.

Three exhibitions later at their studio and more recently a one-man exhibition of my work at Honeywood Museum - April 2014 in Carshalton brings me to, now, create my own web pages.

To Ian Mercer, The Framing Company for having the confidence in my images to sell through their framing galleries; who has had successful sales of my prints.

More recently, to Andrew Candy, Mine gallery in Carshalton for displaying and selling a large number of local scene images and other topics/titles of interest at his excellent gallery. Also to Judy & Peter Hill at Bourneside Gallery in Dorking for taking-on many of my images for sale in their beautiful gallery. If you haven't yet visited either gallery, you're missing a real treat; not just because of my images on display but for all the other artworks they have there too.

To Jane Howard Curator at Honeywood Museum who allowed/encouraged me to use their exhibition room for my first one-man exhibition at the museum. Hopefully, more will follow.

To Geoff Partner – Camera Craft; who has given honest advice and positive criticism of my images in recent years and I've reciprocated resulting in a good friendship.

To Marcus Rose who had, initially, created this web page for me; understanding the intricacies of html language and what’s required by template web pages, all of which goes over my head but I'm learning!


I would like to thank Jenny, my lovely wife of 26 years for her considerable patience, understanding and encouragement to continue with photography and further patience, beyond the call of duty, standing around whilst I create the perfect shot!