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WELCOME to my fresh new (Nov 2017) web pages hosted and built by theimagefile.com This is a completely new departure for me, in that I’ve changed the background to a pale colour rather than dark grey; new lively fonts and sub-groups in some of the galleries.  This will focus my images on particular areas rather than mixed and jumbled, overall sets.

INITIALLY no images are being shown ‘For Sale’ but of course, they all are For Sale; many are available through the galleries listed but the others will show prices against them as I progress with the new site; please bear with me!  Important for me, with this new site, is the security aspect in that images can, no longer, be copied from the pages!


MY driving force in photography is to produce an image that has that certain 'edge' over being just a photograph.

WHEN I'm out taking photographs I'm seeing shapes, angles, colour contrasts, light & shade; what would make a good foreground to a percieved interesting background or do I want a sharp close-up and a diffused background.  I'm not really thinking about what other people might think or like; this is purely an image for me to work-on for my own pleasure.  However, if at some stage I think, 'That's a fine image!'  Then I think about the possibility of it being an image I could sell on to others who may like it, either through a gallery or off my web site.

THEN and only then, I try to create an image that people will want to keep on their walls for a very long time; something that will invoke a lasting memory, not only for a prospective buyer but also for their friends and family.

IN recent years, I have had three successful exhibitions at a gallery in Beckenham with other photographers, artists and sculptors.  In 2014 I had an excellent and prosperous one-man exhibition at the Honeywood Museum in Carshalton and there are three galleries offering my work in Carshalton, Dorking & Kingston; see the Links page.  Also, I've had publications of my work in the Surrey Life Magazine, Time and Leisure, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.

SHOULD you wish to purchase any of my fine-art images, many can be viewed at the galleries shown on the 'Links' pages Or you can contact me for details.

I hope that you enjoy viewing my work.

Julian Heath

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