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PRINTS of Julian Heath's photographs are sold for display purposes only.  No reproduction rights are granted or implied.  The photographer retains full copyright of the images; ownership of a copy print does not constitute ownership of the copyright, nor the usage rights beyond display purposes.  Should you wish to enquire about licencing image rights for any purpose, please use the Contact Me icon below.

ALL images are printed on an Epson SP3880 A2 Ultrachrome K3 printer using, mostly, Fotospeed's Natural Smooth Textured Bright White matte paper or Fotospeed's Smooth Cotton paper, where appropriate and all are Giclee or Archival quality for 100-year permanence for colour and 150-year permanence for black & white images.  If you notice any fading after 150 years, I guess there is little I could do about it!

THE Watermarks you see on images will not be on any prints that are puchased.  However, each print will have a suitable border (usually no more than 1" or 2.54cm's) all around and on the bottom edge there will be the Image Title, Signature and an Edition Number.  ALL prints will be a Limited Edition.

YOU may have noticed that not all the images in the general galleries section appear as prints for sale!  This is because, some of those images are being offered For Sale, by Mine gallery in Carshalton Village, Bourneside Gallery in Dorking and The Framing Company in Kingston or they were taken on Private Land.  However, bear with me as I'm currently working through all 400 images individually, adding or deleting prices as necessary.

ALL images taken on National Trust land are sold under licence.

IF anything is not clear or if you just want to say hello or leave a comment then please do not hesitate to contact me through the 'Contact' section on the site.

CAMERA EQUIPMENT A couple of years ago I upgraded to a Nikon D750 FX Format Digital SLR but although a good camera it's not brilliant!  It was a bit of a compromise as I would've preferred the Nikon D850 but finances, at the time wouldn't stretch that far.  However, my range of lenses are not a compromise and I'm really pleased with them but they are a bit specialist; not for the faint-hearted!!  Firstly, is a Samyang 24/3.5 T&S (Tilt & Shift) lens; knock-out quality and far more versatile than the Nikon version.  A Nikon 85/2.8 T&S Lens (Sadly, no Samyang equivalent) the ultimate wide-angle telephoto lens but needs critical manual focusing but stunning quality.  Finally, a Sigma 12-24/4.5-5.6 Mk II wide to ultra-wide zoom lens.  Great fun to use and produces some really stunning results.  I would love their Art lens equivalent but again, it's expensive!

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